The new dean of the Faculty of Science introduces himself - check out the video!

In the role of the dean, Kai Nordlund wants to be easily approachable and advocate basic research.

Kai Nordlund, the recently appointed dean of the Faculty of Science, is not going to hide behind administrative structures, despite moving to a bigger office in early October. As the dean, Nordlund wishes to participate in discussions, lend his ear to others and be easily available.

“We have already had deans of this type at our campus, and I certainly want to keep the tradition alive. Nobody should be discouraged from speaking to the dean,” says Nordlund.

Nordlund is professor of computational materials physics. In assuming the position of dean, he became the leader of a thousand-strong work community, as well as a community of 5,000 students. What should the future direction of the Faculty’s development be?

According to Nordlund, strong fields in research must be brought to the fore, as well as those niches with the best potential for growing and becoming the best in the world. Nordlund reiterates that all basic research carried out in Kumpula generates future technologies.

“This is the essence of our work. Every cent invested in basic research is paid back many times over in the slightly longer term.”