Finnish Satellite Workshop 2018

Satellite business is growing rapidly in Finland. Over 250 participants gathered together in the First Finnish satellite workshop organized by the Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space and Aalto University.

The event took place in Dipoli, at Otaniemi Campus. Topics covered past and future Finnish satellite missions, Scandinavian launch options, newly established Finnish Space Law, as well as challenges and advantages of small satellites in near-Earth and deep space missions. We also heard news from Estonian space activities and missions. Space debris was discussed in many presentations and it was reminded that CubeSats shall have laser reflectors for better tracking. Also, reliability and radiation tolerance was among most discussed topics. Consensus was established, that reliability of the small satellites should be improved by combining efforts of public and private sectors. A discussion session demonstrated that there is an obvious need and a positive attitude towards collaboration between Scandinavian and Baltic countries in the field of satellite technology. Finland has an extensive expertise in space technology and the meeting highlighted strong will to increase Finland’s role in this business, both nationally and worldwide. More information and pictures can be found from

Pictures: Tessa Nikander