Coursera: Finland is the world's top data science nation

Coursera, a US-based provider of open online courses, has classified Finland's students have the best skills in data science in its annual Global Skills Report.

The report is based on registered users of the Coursera platform from over a hundred countries. The aim is to reveal entry-level career paths to opportunity for displaced workers, recent graduates, and anyone who hopes to advance their career. The company provides services to 82 million users world-wide.

“Finland has been leading the way in AI education with a recent push by its government and the University of Helsinki to teach 1% of the world basic AI skills,” the report states.

The report also gave Finland full points for machine learning skills, making the students best in the world in this area, too. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark are close runners-up to Finland. In probability and statistics, Finland received 99%, ranking second-best in the world.

For all courses globally, Finland placed at 14, as Switzerland ranked best overall in all skills this year.

Link to the report