ASK ME! - help and advice for new students

The ASK ME! campaign welcomes new students to the University community and makes it easier to ask for help. The University veterans participating in the campaign will wear brightly-coloured T-shirts and badges around campus to make them easier to recognise. 

Nearly 4,000 new students are currently attending the orientation week at the University of Helsinki. Like for many years, the newcomers, or fuksit, are greeted by student tutors, but this year the University community has taken more steps to help new students start their studies and life at the University. 

The ASK ME! campaign, which launched on Monday, encourages new students to turn to current University community members with any questions they may have. Participants in the two-week campaign will wear pink T-shirts or badges to make them easier to spot. They will be happy to answer any questions new students may have, both on practical matters and on study-related issues.  

The campaign’s title is in English for the benefit of international students, who are likely to have the most questions about things Finns take for granted.

Education Planning Officer Lotta Lassila from the Viikki Campus as well as Anne-Sophie Hokkanen and Heidi Säävuori (pictured) from International Exchange Services on the City Centre Campus would like to tell all new students to give themselves time to get used to a new situation. 

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 “When you’re starting out, all you really need to know is where to find information if you need it,” says Hokkanen.

Lotta Lassila points out that even small questions should be raised with other students or staff.

 “No matter what your question, there are always at least three other people wondering about the same thing,” says Lassila.

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