Research in mathematics and statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has proved to be a stimulating research environment of several subjects of mathematical and statistical study.

At the Department of Mathematics and statistics, people from students to senior researchers constantly produce internationally high quality work. The active research is reflected in a variety of research activities: publications, meetings, societies etc. The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research is also coordinated at the department.

The biomathematics research group builds and analyses mathematical models for biological and medical phenomena.

The harmonic analysis group studies cancellations, orthogonality and oscillations involved in the interplay of spatial and spectral information.

The geometric analysis research group focuses on the analysis of functions and representations and on partial differential equations.

The mathematical logic group studies how mathematical logic makes use of both finite and infinite structures with the help of methods developed in logic.

The mathematical physics group studies physical phenomena with the help of pure mathematics. Modelling is one of the main fields of application.

The inverse problems group studies inverse techniques. In inverse problems, we know the predicted results, but not their cause. Inverse techniques can be used to solve many everyday problems.

The mathematics education research group aims to develop better teaching and learning methods for university mathematics.

The mathematical risk management group uses mathematical and statistical methods to understand risks in the context of insurance and finance.

The environmental and ecological statistics group focuses on developing and applying statistical methods in ecology and environmental sciences.

Probabilistic Inference Lab (PIL) specializes in probabilistic inference, AI and machine learning, with particular focus on simulator-based methods and their applications.

The robust statistics and time series analysis group focuses on estimation as well as in-sample and out-of-sample diagnostic methods for statistical models. Those include for example regression models and time series models.

The statistical and population genetics group studies computational and statistical methods applied to genetics research. The two main topics are multivariate models for associating quantitative / discrete / survival outcomes to genomic data and population genetics in Finland.

The survival and event history analysis specializes in study design and methods needed for life event histories under various observation schemes.

Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics coordinates the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging. Research conducted at the Centre of Excellence focuses on developing mathematical imaging and modelling techniques. The focal areas include medical imaging, geophysics and space research, as well as the development of mathematical models for remote sensing and modelling in environmental and climate research.

Seminars and colloquia

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics regularly organises seminars and colloquia open to all. The events deal with the Department’s latest research findings and interesting trends in our fields of research.