Research laboratories and infrastructures for Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science has several different research laboratories and other research related infrastructures.
Research laboratories

NODES Laboratory is an experimental computer-science research and education infrastructure, especially for ubiquitous and mobile computing. The laboratory contains infrastructure that is vital for research in the area, such as networks and test frameworks for developing new network protocols and routing algorithms, and a room for wireless measurements protected against interference. In the laboratory, there are also equipment for edge and fog computing as well as an own 5G network.

The NODES Laboratory is located in room B124 of the Exactum building (1st floor, “main corridor”). The leader of the laboratory is Professor Sasu Tarkoma.

Software Factory forms a shared platform to combine commercial software engineering with theoretical and applied research and teaching in software engineering. Software Factory is an experimental software research-and-design laboratory with the objective of inspiring learning, promoting multidisciplinary research. In the laboratory, there are also a robot software development environment and testbed as well as a development environment and testbed for VR and XR devices.

The Software Factory is located in room BK113 of the Exactum building (basement, “Next to Unicafe restaurant”). The leader of the laboratory is Professor Tomi Männistö.

Interaction Laboratory is a research infrastructure that offers the opportunity to study the interaction between people, computers, and the physical surroundings, and develop new methods for them. For these purposes, the laboratory is fitted with modern equipment including both fixed and removable eye-movement sensors, various physiological sensors (EDA, HRV, fEMG), EEG equipment, large touch screens, various haptic devices, and sensors for discovering movement.

The Interaction Laboratory is located in room A339 of the Exactum building (3rd floor, “At the end of HIIT corridor”). The leader of the laboratory is Professor Giulio Jacucci. 


UbiKampus is a large open office space with two sides: one for the staff and one for the students. In this space, there are individual working places as well as different kinds of meeting rooms, which can be reserved on a ad hoc  basis.

Besides being a working space, UbiKampus is also an environment for development and experimentation of new methods in Computer Science. The environment contains a base infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing:

  • an open WiFi and tons of IP Addresses for different kinds of smart devices,
  • a MQTT bus on which open access sensor data can be published, 
  • different kinds of sensors (e.g., air quality and motion detection), 3D cameras, etc.

The coordinator of UbiKampus is Niko Mäkitalo.