Research groups
Reseach groups of the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Research groups in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology

Research groups that operate wholly or partly under the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in alphabetical order.


Computational Drug Discovery
Unit Leader Henri Xhaard
The ultimate goals of the unit are to discover better, more efficient and safer drug candidates against relevant human diseases, to discover chemical probes for studying biological processes as well as to develop innovative pharmaceutical applications and methods.


Industrial Pharmacy
Anne Juppo, Mia Sivén
Industrial pharmacy research includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products and quality assurance of these activities.


Nanomedi­cines and Bio­med­ical En­gin­eer­ing
Group leader: Hélder A. San­tos
Nanomedicine, Biomedical Engineering and Controlled Drug Delivery.


Pharmaceutical and Analytical Technologies (Unit in the Drug Research Progam)
Unit Leader Clare Strachan
The Pharmaceutical and Analytical Technologies (PAT) unit specialises in introducing and advancing synergistic technologies that facilitate industrial drug discovery and development.

Pharmaceutical Biophysics
Group Leaders Tapani Viitala and Al­ex­an­der Bunker
Combining experimental and computational methodologies to generate mechanistic insight into drug action and drug delivery systems.

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Drug Research Program (DRP) is a unique multidisciplinary platform that combines research groups with expertise on different aspects of drug research.