Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy is an unit of the Drug Research Program (DRP).
Marja Air­aksinen, Unit Leader
Raisa Laaksonen

PhD, Adjunct Professor in Clinical Pharmacy, and leader of the Specialisation Programme in Community and Hospital Pharmacy. She is an expert in evaluating clinical pharmacy service developments, pharmacists’ performance, and pharmacists’ work related satisfaction. Her research interests lie within studying and evaluating developing pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate education in order to ensure patient and medication safety and the ‘best possible’ pharmaceutical treatment outcome for patients. Within clinical pharmacy, evaluating developing pharmacy services, such as clinical medication reviews or medicines optimisation, and developing ways in which the competence and performance of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in providing these services can be assessed, and evaluating how providing these new services to patients may influence job and career satisfaction of pharmacists and perceptions of competence and professional development. She is a member of various national and international committees and working groups in the area of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy education.

She completed her MScPharm at the University of Uppsala and her PhD at the University of London. She was a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Bath between 2007 and 2010. She joined the University of Helsinki in 2010.