Pharmaceutical Biosciences
The Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences carries out research and provides education in biopharmacy and pharmaceutical biology disciplines. Our research and teaching portfolio include topics such as pharmacokinetics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical microbiology, biomaterials and biological drugs.

Biopharmacy studies how the physicochemical properties of a drug, the formulation, manufacturing technique, and excipients used in the preparation, affect drug treatment in humans or animals. Biopharmacy is a bridge-builder between physicochemical sciences, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacokinetics, and physiology and pharmacology of the life sciences. In addition to this, biopharmacy is closely linked to clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy.

Pharmaceutical biology focuses on studying biogenic drugs and excipients and their discovery, development, production, standardization, and pharmaceutical use. This discipline is based on the biological foundations of pharmaceutical sciences and includes pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmacognosy and protein drug research as main research streams. We utilise methods of botany, chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, and toxicology in our research.


The research at our division is performed in a number of research groups and often in close collaboration with national and international laboratories or pharmaceutical companies.

Head of the Division