University of Helsinki has decided on the criteria for certificate-based admission in 2023-2024

The University of Helsinki has made a decision on the criteria for certificate-based admission to the bachelor’s programmes included in the joint application procedure in 2023–2024. The release of the criteria will help future upper secondary school students choose their subjects.

In 2021 the programmes will revert to the original criteria for certificate-based admission, published on the Studyinfo website (in Finnish only). The criteria includes the scoring tables and the threshold criteria. Due to the exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the criteria used in the second joint application procedure in spring 2020 only applied to this year's application round.

As a rule, the degree programmes offering the certificate-based admission route have decided to adhere to the scoring tables published on the Studyinfo website and threshold criteria, or subject-specific minimum points, until 2024. Exceptions to the scoring tables for 2023–2024 are described in more detail below.

Publishing the criteria for certificate-based admission will help upper secondary school students embarking on their studies in autumn 2020 to choose their general upper secondary school subjects.

Exceptions to scoring tables for 2023–2024

Bachelor’s Programme in Languages: Russian as a Foreign Language

Only Finnish, Swedish or Sámi as a native language will be considered in scoring applicants’ native language.

Bachelor’s Programme in Food Sciences

If the first weighted subject is chemistry, the second weighted subject can also be physics instead of biology.

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