Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy

Specialisation studies are designed for professionals who want to deepen their skills in Industrial Pharmacy.

Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy is a post-graduate programme for pharmacists (both M. Sc and B. Sc. Pharm.) working in pharmaceutical industry in any function: development, production, marketing, clinical studies, regulatory affairs, quality assurance or pharmaceutical whole sale or in regulatory positions related to pharmaceutical industry. 

Studying takes place alongside work and study plan is tailored individually to support your own development needs.
The extent of studies is 60 ECTS for M. Sc. (Pharm.) and 40 ECTS for B. Sc. (Pharm.). Normative duration of studies is 3-4 years.

The student fee is 6000 EUR for the M.Sc. graduates in Pharm. and 4000 EUR for the B. Sc. graduates in Pharm.

The application period to specialisation studies was 13.2.-28.4.2023.

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