Partners and stakeholders

The Faculty maintains close and active networks with partners in the pharmaceutical and related fields both nationally and internationally.

Below are listed strategic collaboration partners and other stakeholders with whom the Faculty collaborates in teaching, research and public engagement. 



University Pharmacy is a strategic collaboration partner of the Faculty of Pharmacy, with whom the Faculty conducts and develops collaboration in teaching and research. University Pharmacy supports the University’s teaching and research through its operations. 

HUS Pharmacy is the Faculty of Pharmacy’s strategic collaboration partner in teaching and research. HUS Pharmacy is the largest hospital pharmacy in Finland. 

Practical training at a pharmacy included in the Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) degree can be completed at University Pharmacy and its subsidiaries, nearly 300 private pharmacies in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and elsewhere in Finland, as well as at HUS Pharmacy and other hospital pharmacies.

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea maintains and improves the health of the population by supervising and developing the pharmaceutical sector. Specialists from the Faculty of Pharmacy serve as members of Fimea’s Pharmacopoeia Committee. The task of the Pharmacopoeia Committee is to submit proposals and statements on issues concerning pharmacopoeia.


The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira)  is a national agency operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Valvira  decides on applications for the right to practise as a licensed dispenser or pharmacist.

Students’ Association YFK

Helsinki Pharmacy Students’ Association YFK is the subject-specific student association of the Faculty's students.

Associations and Societys

The Association of Finnish pharmacies (AFP) - Apteekkariliitto - founded in 1897, is a professional organization of proprietary pharmacists. AFP supports and promotes high standards of ethical and professional competence in pharmacy services within the broader health sector. It also offers professional services, and provides training and communication services to its member pharmacies.

TFinnish Pharmacists´s Association - Suomen Farmasialitto - is a trade union for Finnish B.Sc. pharmacists (farmaseutti),  M.Sc. pharmacists (proviisori), specially trained pharmaceutical professionals and students in the field.

The Finnish Pharmacists' Society - Proviisoriyhdistys - represents the interests of Finnish M.Sc. pharmacists. 

Strategic research and networks 

The Faculty is part of several strategic profile-building research projects of the University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland Flagships and research networks.

International networks

The Faculty actively contributes to the operations of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP) and international researcher education, including the ULLA Network, with top European research universities in the field of pharmacy as members.