The Faculty is led by the dean, who is selected for a term of four years. The dean shall manage the faculty’s operations and be responsible for the efficient, economic and effective completion of the faculty’s duties. The dean shall have overall responsibility for the faculty’s human resources, finances and assets.
Dean Jouni Hirvonen

Dean Jouni Hirvonen

Professor of pharmaceutical technology, dean of the Faculty

Jouni Hirvonen has published over 300 scholarly articles, reviews and book chapters. His primary research areas include controlled drug delivery associated with transdermal drug forms and nanomedicines. The formulation of slightly soluble pharmaceutical agents into functional drugs has been an important part of Hirvonen’s research. In addition, he has contributed actively to research and development projects relating to teaching and education in pharmacy, as well as their publications.

In the coming years, the dean and the Faculty will emphasise in their efforts ideas and measures associated with responsibility and sustainable development, as well as fundraising targeted at promoting sustainability. International scientific and other collaboration networks are an integral part of the dean’s duties. Hirvonen serves as a long-term board member of the doctoral education network ULLA and the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy. 

Executive assistant: Soile Saloranta


Vice-Dean Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma

Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma is a professor of medicinal chemistry who completed his research training in the United States (Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge). His research group focuses on the discovery of new antimicrobial agents against protozoan parasites, biofilms and pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria. Medicinal chemistry of marine and forest-based natural products is closely linked to this research. In addition, Yli-Kauhaluoma’s research group investigates the inhibition of protein kinases (PKC, PKB, Pim) and has recently embarked on the chemical induction of cellular reprogramming and differentiation.

Vice-Dean Yli-Kauhaluoma is in charge of research affairs and the development of doctoral education at the Faculty of Pharmacy. He deputises for the dean when Professor Hirvonen is not available.

Vice-Dean Mia Sivén

Mia Sivén is a docent of industrial pharmacy who focuses in her research especially on the special characteristics of pharmacotherapy for special groups from the perspective of drug forms, including the development of innovative forms for paediatric medication and the assessment of drug forms suited to elderly people or companion animals. Her research is targeted at the pharmaceutical processes employed in the manufacture of various drug forms, such as spray drying, and environmental aspects associated with pharmaceutical products. During a researcher exchange period (APC Ltd, Dublin), Sivén has familiarised herself with the continuous production process of biological macromolecules and their conversion into a drug form. In terms of research on learning, she specialises in the development of interactive digital learning environments and AR/VR applications. Mia Sivén is a fellow in the Teachers’ Academy.

Vice-Dean Sivén is in charge of the Faculty’s academic affairs and teaching development

Vice-Dean Yvonne Holm

Vice-Dean Yvonne Holm is a professor of pharmaceutical biology. She specialises in pharmacognosy, which encompasses the analytics and chemotaxonomy of medicinal plants, searching for new drugs from nature and phytotherapy. Holm’s research group, which consists of two postdoctoral researchers and two doctoral students, is conducting ethnopharmacological research and trying to find new antimicrobial substances from certain African plants. 

Vice-Dean Holm is in charge of the Faculty’s public engagement and bilingual affairs.