In order to receive a license to practice the profession of veterinary surgeon, persons who have completed a degree in a third country, meaning a country outside the European Union or European Economic Area, must, as a rule, complete additional studies in Finland. As well, sufficient skills in Finnish or Swedish are required. This general rule applies to degrees completed by citizens of countries both within and outside the EU and EEC.

First, a conditional licensing decision will be issued by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira detailing the additional studies and practical training required of the applicant. Only after completing these additional studies can a license and right to practice as a veterinary surgeon in Finland be granted. Obtaining said decision requires that an application be submitted to Evira. Application instructions are available on Evira’s website

After receiving Evira’s decision, veterinary surgeons may complete examinations subject to a fee, arranged by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The examinations include theoretical knowledge examinations on clinical subjects, environmental hygiene and legislation, seminar work in environmental health care control and legislation, and two practical examinations.

In addition to the examinations, persons with a veterinary medicine degree completed in a third country must provide proof of completing clinical training (duration 2 to 6 months) as specified by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, as well as practical training in food hygiene.