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Welcome to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine!

The six-year training programme in veterinary medicine offers both a diverse basic education in veterinary medicine and biology (Bachelor’s Programme in Veterinary Medicine) and a degree leading to the profession of a veterinarian (Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine).

During the studies, students will acquire the abilities required for practicing veterinary medicine and working as self-employed veterinarians, following developments in the field and engaging in life-long learning. Education in veterinary medicine opens many different career paths to those interested in both animal and human health.

Information on the training programme and admission criteria

Further information on the objectives and content of the training programme, the structure of studies, as well as admission criteria for different disciplines is available at the service and on the University of Helsinki Degree Finder website Eläin­lää­ke­tie­teen kan­dioh­jel­ma, eläin­lää­ke­tie­teen kan­di­daat­ti ja li­sen­si­aat­ti (3 v + 3 v).

Application process

Applications are submitted through the service. 


Admission Services of the University of Helsinki provides help in all matters related to admissions.