The Faculty is led by the dean. The dean selects vice-deans to support him or her in the development of the Faculty, the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University and the promotion of interdepartmental cooperation as determined by the dean. During the operating period 2018-2021, the Faculty is acting with two vice-deans, whose primary areas of responsibility encompass research, teaching  and Swedish-language affairs.

Olli Peltoniemi
Vice-dean in charge of Research, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Mirja Ruohoniemi
Vice-dean in charge of Academic affairs, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa

Vice-dean in charge of Bilingual and International affairs, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty Council consists of the Dean and 11 other members. The members and their deputies are elected for a four-year term (student members for two years). The professors and assistant professors elect eight members amongst themselves. The other personnel and the students both elect three members amongst themselves.


Chairman of the Faculty Council
Dean Antti Sukura 
(Vice Professor Outi Vainio)


  • Professor Mari Heinonen, Department of Production Animal Medicine (professor Anna Valros)
  • Professor Raimo Pohjanvirta, Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health (professor Miia Lindström)
  • Professor Outi Vainio, Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine (professor Thomas Spillman)
  • Professor Tomi Taira, Department of Veterinary Biosciences (professor Antti Iivanainen)

Other teachers and researchers and other staff

  • University Lecturer Mikael Niku (University Lecturer Riikka Laukkanen-Ninios)
  • Clinical teacher Heli Simojoki (Klinisk lärare Thomas Grönthal)
  • Animal physiotherapist Heli Hyytiäinen (Hospital veterinarian Jenni Sukura)

Students (1.1.2018-31.12.2019)

  • VetMed Student Tiina Kaarela (VetMed Student Joanna Martikainen
  • BVetMed Iida Niinikoski (VetMed Student . Eeva Raappana)
  • VetMed Student Mari Rahkola (VetMed Student Tiina Heikkilä

As the faculty council secretary works Services Coordinator Kati Laalo (Vice Maija Mäkinen)


Meetings 2019:

Tues 15.1. (materials 1.1.)

Tues 12.2. (materials 29.1.)

Tues 12.3. (materials 26.2.)

Tues 9.4. (materials 2.4.)

Tues 14.5. (amaterials 1.5.)

Tues 4.6. (materials 21.5.)

Tues 20.8. (materials 6.8.)

Tues 10.9. (materials 27.8.)

Tues 15.10. (materials 1.10.)

Tues 12.11. (materials 29.10.)

Tues 3.12. (materials 19.11.)

Meetings 2020:

Tues 21.1.

Tues 11.2.

Tues 17.3.

Tues 21.4.

Tues 19.5.

Tues 9.6.

Tues 18.8.

Tues 15.9.

Tues 13.10.

Tues 10.11.

Tues 8.12.