Safe and sustainable meat chain

Food has a significant impact on human health and wellbeing. Human health is protected by ensuring the safety of food and the health of production animals. In addition to safety and quality, consumers are increasingly aware of the ethics of meat production, among other things.

A significant part of the research is related to the production of safe and high-quality food in Finland. Research focus areas are

  • hazards (e.g., meat-borne bacteria and bacterial resistance to antimicrobial drugs) that can spread to consumers through meat
  •  the development of meat inspection (e.g., risk-based and visual meat inspection, food chain information) and
  • control (e.g., stunning methods and slaughtering hygiene).

Topical research subjects are available in the basic education for Bachelor’s and Licentiate theses, as well as for students at the specialisation stage (both domestically and internationally) and for dissertations. Research results are utilised in teaching as effectively as possible.

 Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa - Tuhat

Riikka Laukkanen-Ninios - Tuhat