How to apply?

Are you interested in the following questions:

  • How do religions affect the lives of individuals and communities?
  • How do religions and world-views shape cultures?
  • What factors guide people in ethical issues and moral choices?
  • What is the role of religions and world-views in conflicts and peace efforts?

Understanding religions and world-views helps you understand the world!

Bachelor’s studies in theology provide the basic knowledge and skills required for religious expertise, after which students can expand their academic competence. The aim is for Bachelor’s graduates to continue their studies and complete a Master’s degree.

The University of Helsinki has overhauled its degree programmes. The new programmes provide students with a wide range of expertise and a greater variety of options. Read more about the new degree programmes on the University of Helsinki’s Degree Finder website. 

Please note that applications to our bachelor´s and master´s programmes are submitted via Studyinfo portal.

If you have any questions about admission, please contact the University of Helsinki’s Admission Services