Visiting undergraduate or graduate students

The Faculty of Science offers a possibility for a visiting student status at undergraduate or graduate level for a student who is enrolled and actively studying at an university outside Finland.

(Postgraduate students, please see Visiting postgraduate students page.)

Visiting students (free movers, non-exchange programme students) receive credit for all of their work, but are not able to obtain a degree. The visiting student status is normally valid for a minimum of three months and a maximum of two academic years.

The prerequisite is that the courses completed at the University of Helsinki may be transferred to the student's home institution to be integrated into the student's degree programme there.

Application deadlines

Applications are no longer processed for the autumn term 2016, even if it is possible to submit an application.

The deadline for visiting student applications is 15 October for studies beginning in the spring term (courses starting with the orientation course 12 January 2017).

For the Autumn term the deadline is 15 May (studies beginning in September, check the orientation course dates here

Please follow the academic terms and apply for whole terms, i.e. September-December or January-May.

Exception: internships (see detailed information below)


Application portal starting page, please choose the heading for visiting student applications from top of the page. Please choose the heading "for visiting student applications" from top of the page (the blue bar).

Visiting student applicants must enclose the following documents with the application form :

  • An official transcript from applicant’s home institution (indicating the grading system of the institution)
  • A study plan which has been approved by the home university. This document also confirms that studies completed at the University of Helsinki will be approved towards a degree at the home university.
  • Language certificate Proficiency in either Finnish, Swedish or English is a prerequisite for admission.
  • A statement of purpose


  • All copies must be legalised by the institution that has issued the original document or by a notary public.
  • All attached documents must be in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • All translations must be done by official translators. The translations must bear the stamp and signature of the translator.
  • Your application can be rejected if any of the required enclosures are missing.

Erasmus Placement Program (SMP) interns and other trainees as Visiting Students

If interns wish to obtain a student status and a right to study at the Faculty, please apply as a Erasmus SMP/Visiting Students, see here for details.

For interns the application period is more flexible than for other applicants, but please submit the application at least a month before the internship begins.

If the reason for the application is an internship that will be included into your studies (you will receive credits for it) you need to have have an agreement with the hosting department before you apply. The statement from the host department should be included in your application. The students are strongly recommended to have a good personal insurance.