Medical Physics

Medical physics is engaged in academic research, teaching and clinical physics support services. Medical physics is a branch of applied physics encompassing concepts, principles and methodology of physical sciences to medicine in clinics. Primarily, medical physics seeks to develop efficient and safe diagnosis and treatment methods for human diseases with highest quality assurance protocols. In Finland, most of medical physicists have the licensed profession of a hospital physicist. Hospital Physicist can also act in RPE or RPO professions in the healthcare sector (The Radiation Protection Expert =RPE, The Radiation Protection Officer=RPO).

Department of Physics has started an education program for Hospital Physicists in 1995. The program was updated in spring 2010, and finally in 2017. Hospital Physicist is a necessary expert in medical usage of radiation as required in the statute of the medical usage of radiation. The specialist training of Hospital Physicist is defined in the statute of the University degree system and the modification for the statute of the examinations pertaining to the humanities and the natural sciences.

M.Sc. in Biophysics and Medical Physics track (MATRES) + PhD or Phil.Lic in medical physics in the MATRENA programme + four year exercise in hospitals => Hospital Physicist profession!



Contact person:

Prof. Sauli Savolainen

Phone 040 8321016

e-mail sauli.savolainen[at]


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