Deans and the faculty council

The dean shall manage the faculty’s operations and be responsible for the efficient, economic and effective completion of the faculty’s duties. The dean shall have overall responsibility for the faculty’s human resources, finances and assets.

After consulting the Faculty Council, the dean shall decide on the number, duties and selection of the vice‑deans as well as on the vice-dean who deputises for the dean

The Faculty Council is a multi-member administrative body at the Faculty level. Under the direction of the dean, the Faculty Council enhances the Faculty’s overall operations in accordance with the University’s operational and financial objectives, the Strategic Plan of the University of Helsinki as well as the Faculty’s implementation plan.

Vice-Dean Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma

Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma is a professor of medicinal chemistry. His research training is from the USA (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge). Jari’s research group focuses on the discovery of new antimicrobial agents against protozoan parasites, biofilms and pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria. Medicinal chemistry of marine and forest-based natural products is closely linked to this research. In addition, Jari’s research group studies inhibition of protein kinases (PKC, PKB, Pim) and has recently embarked on chemical induction of cellular reprogramming and differentiation.

Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma is in charge of research affairs and the development of doctoral education at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Jari substitutes the Dean when he is not available.



Vice-Dean Outi Salminen

Her research training is from the USA (University of Colorado at Boulder, Institute of Behavioral Genetics). Outi’s research group focuses on the dyskinesias induced by Parkinson Disease drug levodopa and how to alleviate them. In addition, Outi’s research group studies the interaction of opioids and nicotine in the context of addiction.

Outi Salminen is in charge of Academic Affairs.


University Lecturer
Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
Field of science Pharmacy


Vice-Dean Yvonne Holm 

Yvonne Holm is professor in pharmaceutical biology. Her special area is pharmacognosy, which encompasses analytics and chemotoxanomy of medicinal plants, searching for new drugs from nature and phytotherapy. The research group, which consists of two post doc researchers and two doctorands, is working with ethnopharmacological research and is trying to find new antimicrobial substances from some African plants.

Vice-Dean Yvonne Holm is in charge of societal interaction and bilingual affairs.

University Lecturer
Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Field of science Pharmacy

There are 11 members in the Faculty Council. The chair of the council is the Dean. The council consists of the representatives of the professors (4 members), teachers and researchers (2 members), other staff (1 member) and students (3 members).

The term of the council is 4 years. The student members are elected for 2 years.


Professor Jouni Hirvonen

Professor Marja Airaksinen (Professor Arto Urtti)
Professor Tapio Kotiaho (Professori Risto Kostiainen)
Professor Raimo Tuominen (Professor Anne Juppo)
Professor Marjo Yliperttula (Professor Yvonne Holm )

Teachers, researchers and other staff
University lecturer Mia Sivén (University lecturer Petteri Piepponen)
Academy researcher Päivi Tammela Heidi Kidron (Academy researcher Heidi Kidron )
Senior Laboratory Technician Marjo Vaha (Senior Laboratory Technician Sanna Sistonen)

Students (1.1.18 – 31.12.19)
Elina Helkkula (Sanna Artes)
Arto Merivaara (Nerdjusa Beciroski)
Erika Niittymäki (Ville Andersson)

The secretary of the council is Service Coordinator Satu Sainio.

Meetings and minutes

Faculty Council meeting schedules are in University’s intranet Flamma. The agendas and minutes of the Faculty Council are posted in Finnish on Flamma for students and staff of the University. To use Flamma, you must log in with your University username and password.