Degree studies

The undergraduate and graduate level degrees offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (farmaseutti) and
  • Master of Science in Pharmacy (proviisori).

The Bachelor’s degree consists of 180 credits and completing the degree takes three years. The Master’s degree consists of 120 credits and completing the degree takes 5 years as a whole (Bachelor’s degree + two years).


The language of tuition in the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Pharmacy is mainly Finnish. Only a few courses annually are organized in English (See Courses for Exchange Students). Therefore it is required that the international applicants have a sufficient knowledge of Finnish or Swedish already when they apply. The means of proving your language skills you can find here.

Applicants can apply to:

  • The undergraduate level programme only (right to take only Bachelor programme)
  • The undergraduate and graduate level programmes (right to take both Bachelor and Master programmes)

The admission to the undergraduate and graduate levels is based on an entrance examination. More information on application process and deadlines is available in Finnish: University of Helsinki Degree Finder.

The application requirement for Master level programme in Pharmacy (M.Sc.) is a Bachelor of Science (in Pharmacy) degree from a Finnish university. Applicants with another undergraduate degree from Finland or a Bachelor’s Degree (in Pharmacy or other subject) from abroad cannot apply to the Master Programme directly.