The Faculty of Medicine appoints one or two supervisors to a doctoral candidate based on his or her application for the right to pursue a doctoral degree. Supervisors must hold a doctoral degree, and at least one supervisor must hold the qualifications of a docent. If a dissertation project is multidisciplinary, a doctoral candidate can be appointed a third supervisor. In that case two of three supervisors must hold the qualifications of a docent, and one of them has to represent a different discipline. A third supervisor can be applied later upon a letter of motivation addressed to the Doctoral Committee.

All doctoral candidates must register for attendance or non-attendance at the University every academic year during the registration period 1 May–31 August. If 31 August falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the end date of the registration period will be the next weekday. Doctoral candidates must register for attendance during the academic periods during which they intend to participate in teaching, their doctoral dissertations will be discussed at the Faculty or during which they intend to graduate.

Continuing your studies and annual registration

The University of Helsinki monitors the study progress of all postgraduate students through the Student Register (Decision of the University Senate 7 June 2006 and Rector’s Decisions No 234/2006 and 6/2011). Through offering the monitoring of study progress and supervision, the University hopes to support and promote the smooth progress of postgraduate studies and the completion of degrees. The monitoring system applies to all doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Helsinki. The monitoring of study progress has no effect on the right to pursue a degree at the University.