Picture: Christopher Jackson, IKELOS www.ikelos.info

Research Programs Unit (RPU) of the Faculty of Medicine is a top-quality research environment. An international Scientific Advisory Board selects the programs and groups of the RPU through a competitive application procedure every six years. Each research program comprises groups that integrate clinical, translational and biomedical research. The current RPU includes several Academy Professors and Centers of Excellence of the Academy of Finland, and recipients of European Research Council (ERC) funding.

The current RPU programs that started in January 2013 are Genome-Scale Biology, Immunobiology, Molecular Neurology, Translational Cancer Biology, and Diabetes and Obesity. The RPU programs house together some 50 principal investigators. The scientists of the RPU also coordinate a number of core infrastructures in the Biomedicum Helsinki building. The total amount of personnel engaged in research is about 300, including professors, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, administrative and support staff. The scientists of the RPU have ample external funding, and they publish annually close to 300 articles in high-quality international journals.