CancerBio Progress Report seminar series

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the University’s current guidelines (COVID-19 situation), CancerBio Progress Report seminar has been cancelled for the rest of spring 2020.

This is a joint seminar series for two research programs, ATG and CAN-PRO. The seminars are held on Friday mornings with coffee, tea and cookies served starting from 9:15 am. We have two presentations per seminar.

See information to the speakers and contact info below the program.

Program spring 2020


31.01. Seminar room 1-2

9:30 Niko Välimäki: Genetic predisposition to uterine leiomyoma - Aaltonen group

10:00 Toni Lemmetyinen: Role of Ret signaling in the intestinal epithelial stemness and differentiation - Ollila lab

28.02. Meeting room 8-9

9:30 Leo Meriranta:  Genomic profiling of circulating tumor DNA in aggressive B-cell lymphomas - Leppä group

27.03. Seminar room 1-2 - cancelled

17.04. Meeting room 8-9 - cancelled

08.05. Seminar room 1-2 - cancelled



Information to the speakers:

Please plan your talk to last for 20 minutes, including at least a 5 minutes long introduction. After the presentation, there will be 10 minutes for discussion. Please bring your presentation on a USB device.

Credits for students:

1 ECTS (10 attended seminars) + 1 ECTS from own presentation.
Note! You do not need to attend seminars within one year. In order to get the credits from your own presentation, you need to attend 10 seminars.

Contact persons for the spring period are Marja Masanti (ATG) and Saija Piiroinen (CAN-PRO).