Exchange and Visiting Students

Orientation and tutoring for the spring term 2017-2018

Welcome Fair for all international students of the University

  • Wednesday, 10 January 10 - 15 at the Centre Campus
  • Students are taken to the Welcome fair in tutor groups
  • Visiting times: Medical students 10-11, Psychology 12-13

Orientation Session for international students at the Faculty of Medicine

  • Thursday, 11 January 9 - 11 in BIomedicum meeting room 8-9, Meilahti Campus
  • Introduction of the Faculty, Campus and studies in Psychology, Medicine and Dentistry
  • Guidance on how to find and register for courses


  • Each exchange student has been assigned a student tutor who will contact you by e-mail prior to your arrival and will help you with practical matters.

These courses are offered to exchange students (e.g Erasmus, Nordplus or bilateral agreements between the University of Helsinki and a foreign university) and visiting students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Master´s Degree Programme in Translational Medicine courses for non-TRANSMED students

Biomedicum Helsinki Seminars:
To get credits from Biomedicum Helsinki seminars, registration is required. From 10 Seminars, 1 ECTS point is given. The next attendances to a seminar bring 0,1 ECTS points. When attending the lectures, sign the book in lecture hall.

The University of Helsinki calendar of events publishes information on events organised by the University of Helsinki or its units (faculty, department, independent institute, or a unit under the Central Administrative Department). Information on events is also available on Biomedicum Helsinki web page.

Finnish courses available in Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies.

Language courses in the Language Centre of University of Helsinki. Including courses in Swedish which is the second official language of Finland and the University of Helsinki. Do note that Exchange students have no right  to attend the English courses offered by the Language Centre. To register for a Language Centre course or test, go to WebOodi (UH students can log in). You must register for each test and course that you wish to take.

Language Centre has also ALICE (Academic Language and Intercultural Exchange) courses where two language learners who speak different native languages get the opportunity to learn about each other's language and culture in an interactive way. If your native language is: Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French, German or Russian, you can take part in ALICE even without prior knowledge of Finnish language! For our native Finnish speaking students, a minimum level of A2 - B1 is required for those languages.

Courses in English in other Faculties and Units of University of Helsinki.

An exchange or visiting student may also have a research project during his/her study period. Earlier experience in research work is recommended. Information concerning the active research groups in the Faculty of Medicine is available on Research Units´ web sites. Please find the links here.

Students who wish to participate in a full-time research project need to find and negotiate it independently with the research group. Only after the research project has been mutually approved, add this information to your learning agreement in details (field, research group, weeks & contact person). 

When engaged in a full-time (38.25 hours/ week) practice, a student receives 1.5 ECTS/ week (when he/she returns a Student Assessment Form provided by the Faculty Office).

For any questions related to exchange studies or internship opportunities at the Faculty of Medicine, please contact Arja Mielonen-Walker, International Exchange Services. +358 2941 22401, studentexchange (a)