The Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, offers the undergraduate degrees of Licentiate of Medicine, Licentiate of Dentistry, and Master of Science (graduates from the international Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine). The undergraduate degrees of the Faculty of Medicine will also include the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Master of Arts (Psychology) as well as the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts with a major in logopedics.

The Faculty’s undergraduate education provides students with the knowledge and skills to seek, critically assess and apply scientific information, and gives eligibility for postgraduate education. The degree programmes offered by the Faculty prepare students for careers as licensed health care professionals in medicine, dentistry, psychology and speech therapy.
The Faculty employs student-oriented, mutually supportive learning methods and strives to reconcile theory and practice as well as to use practical professional situations as the basis for teaching. Student feedback is actively used to enhance studies. Students also play a key role in committees for the further development of teaching.

The degree requirements and available teaching in the different disciplines can be found in WebOodi (you may browse the course catalogue from the menu at the left-hand side of the page without signing in).