The completion of studies requires a valid right to study. Most students are admitted to complete a Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree or doctoral degree. Teaching has been designed the way that degree can be completed within the target duration for degrees defined in legislation. For bachelor´s degree this means three years, for master´s degree two years and for doctoral degree four years.

In addition to degree studies, it is also possible to apply for the right to complete individual law courses or apply to the Faculty for exchange student status. More information about applying to the Faculty. Note also that you can study law in Open University as well.

During their studies, students must sometimes update their study plan, or the time allocated for their degree may expire. Students may also forget to register for attendance or non-attendance for the academic year.  This site provides information to students who have been screened for progress monitoring (Etappi system), need an extension to their right to study to be able to complete their degree, or wish to apply for the reinstatement of their right to study. The site also explains how students can waive their right to study.