Research profile

Global Law (GLAW) research is part of the Academy of Finland’s five-year funding to strengthen university research profiles. It was granted to the University of Helsinki in 2016. GLAW aims to provide answers to the grand challenge of globalisation.

The main objectives of GLAW are:

  1. to enhance the current strengths of legal research so that it is even more able to respond to challenges stemming from the processes of globalisation, Europeanisation and digitalisation;

  2. to deepen the critical analysis of law and governance that regards law as intimately connected with political, economic and social power;

  3. to expand cooperation within SSH, the economy and life sciences, especially with researchers focused on the world community, globalisation, digitalisation and European and Russian studies;

  4. to advance the multi- and interdisciplinary approach to global law;

  5. to foster cutting-edge research that, on the one hand, generates new knowledge, reasoning and methods presupposed by the global legal landscape and, on approach, collectively, they will expand our understanding of global legal problems. 

We have three profiling areas that are under the general topic: law and globalization, transnational European law, and law and digitalization. The profiling areas are not based on disciplines of law but on legal and social problems and topics. Therefore, the legal research is done across all the disciplines of law. Moreover, the legal research done in these areas use the theories, methods, knowledge, insights and tools of not only legal science but also social sciences and humanities.

The Faculty of Law hosts a FiDiPro professorship in European private law, professor Hans Micklitz (EUI Florence).

The Faculty of Law has recently coordinated two interdisciplinary Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence, one in International Law and Global Governance (2006–2011) and one in the Foundations of European Law and Polity Research (2008–2013), as well as the ERC Advance Grant project Between Restoration and Revolution, National Constitutions and Global Law: An Alternative View on the European Century 1815–1914 (2009–2013).