Highlighted research projects

The Faculty is constantly running around about one hundred smaller or larger research and development projects that increase our awareness of human growth, development, teaching and learning. In addition to continuous themes, the Faculty has a large number of research projects with external funding.

All active research projects are in the University of Helsinki research portal.

Strategic research funding

Educational transformations for facilitating sustainable personal, social, and institutional renewal in the digital age (Growing Mind)
Kai Hakkarainen

Bio-based Dyes and Pigments for Colour Palette (BioColour)
Riikka Räisänen

Learning to be digital consumers  (DigiConsumers)
Kirsti Lonka

Funding by the Research Council for Culture and Society

Affective, cognitive, and social consequences of digital revolution for youth development and education (Bridging the Gaps)
Katariina Salmela-Aro & Kirsti Lonka

Constituting Cultures of Compassion in Early Childhood Education (CoCuCo)
Lasse Lipponen

Crafting Optimal Learning in Science Environments (PIRE)
Katariina Salmela-Aro

Digital support for training and assessing second language speaking (DigiTala)
Raili Hilden

Eating and Energy Use Reconfigured? Disruptions and Novel Transition Pathways in Food and Energy Systems (EE-Trans)
Mari Niva

Discipline-based teaching, learning, and assessment (HisLit)
Jukka Rantala

Growing Up Radical?  The role of educational institutions in guiding young people's worldview construction
Arniika Kuusisto

In search for significance: Fostering movement across the five worlds of adolescents
Yrjö Engeström

Interrupting youth support systems in the ethos of vulnerability (CoSupport)
Kristiina Brunila

Learning by Making: The educational potential of school – based makerspaces for young learners' digital competencies  (iMake)
Kristiina Kumpulainen

Local Educational Ethos: a study on well-performing comprehensive schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods (LEE)
Sonja Kosunen

Mobile gaze-tracking for the study of attention and emotion in collaborative mathematical problem solving  (MathTrack)
Markku Hannula

Socioeconomic status, stress, and health behaviour among preschool children (DAGIS STRESS) 
Nina Sajaniemi

Young People's Agency in Social Media (#Agents)
Katariina Salmela-Aro

Active Early Numeracy 
Pirjo Aunio
Funded by the Ministry of Education and the Finnish Cultural Foundation (National Sports Council)

AI in Learning
Hannele Niemi & Päivi Kousa
Funded by the Business Finland

Mul­ti­lin­gual Di­dactics and Dia­logs (DIDIA)
Anna Slotte
Funded by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

Privatisation and Access to Higher Education (PAHE)
Sonja Kosunen
Funded by the Kone Foundation

Supporting social and emotional development in Early Childhood Education and Care (SAGA)
Mirjam Kalland & Kristiina Kumpulainen
Funded by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

Sustainable Stories in Early Childhood Education (SUSTE)
Ann-Christin Furu
Funded by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies (MOI)
Kristiina Kumpulainen
Funded by the Ministry of Education and the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Touch in school
Liisa Tainio
Funded by the Kone Foundation