During postgraduate studies

The main focus of doctoral education is on the postgraduate student’s dissertation research. Doctoral education also includes other studies; for more detailed information about the doctoral studies, see the webpages of the Doctoral Programme in Psychology, Learning and Communication (PsyCo) and Doctoral Programme of School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE).

Instructions for attending students can be found on the Flamma-intranet.

A doctoral degree includes 40 credits of studies intended to support the postgraduate student’s dissertation research and the development of academic expertise during the dissertation project.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is responsible for the following doctoral programmes:

All of the above programmes are part of the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The curriculula of the Doctoral Programmes are available at WebOodi:

The University of Helsinki employs a system for monitoring postgraduate study progress six years after the granting of the right to pursue a postgraduate degree. The University and faculties introduced the monitoring system and provide related guidance to support and promote postgraduate students’ academic progress and the completion of their postgraduate degrees.

In 2018, the University will monitor the progress of students who were granted the right to pursue postgraduate studies on or before 31 July 2012.

The Student Register performs the screening in early February and imposes a registration block for the next academic year where necessary. Students placed under a registration block receive an email in early February, including instructions for taking any necessary action, seeking guidance and registering for the following academic term.

If you complete your postgraduate degree by the end of the academic year, the postgraduate student services of the Faculty of Educational Sciences will automatically eliminate your registration block.

Did you forget to register for the academic year? Would you like to resume your unfinished studies? Students who fail to register lose their study right. However, you can submit an application to have your right to complete a degree reinstated.

If you failed to register but would still like to register as attending or non-attending during this academic year, you can have your right to pursue a degree reinstated simply by paying the re-enrolment fee and presenting the receipt at a student service point.

If you have not registered in a long time, you need to submit an application form to have your study right reinstated. Submit the form to the Faculty’s education planning officer (postgraduate education). Instructions for filling in the form are available at edu-research@helsinki.fi. The decision to reinstate the right to study is discretionary and based on the student’s description of his or her academic progress. If the right to pursue postgraduate studies is reinstated, the student must pay the re-enrolment fee upon registering.

Please see more information on annual registration here >>

If you do not intend to use your right to complete a degree, you can waive it by submitting a binding, written notice to the Faculty. After you have waived the right to study, the Student Register will maintain a record of the studies you have completed. See here for the form for waiving the right to study.