Doctoral programmes

The University of Helsinki’s doctoral programmes provide discipline-specific supervision and teaching to doctoral students. Each doctoral programme is part of one of the University’s four doctoral schools. The Faculty of Arts is responsible for four doctoral programmes.

Applications for the right to complete postgraduate studies must always be submitted to a faculty, which also decides whether to award the doctoral degree. However, all doctoral students at the University of Helsinki must also belong to a doctoral programme. The boundaries between the programmes are flexible, and students can also complete studies offered by other doctoral programmes, if the studies comply with their faculty’s degree requirements.

The University’s professors and principal investigators supervise doctoral students involved in doctoral programmes in their own field of specialisation.

The University allocates resources to doctoral programmes for a number of salaried doctoral student positions, but most of the students in the programmes receive funding from other sources or pursue their degree while working elsewhere.

Doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is responsible for the following doctoral programmes:

All of the above programmes are part of the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences.

In addition to the above, postgraduate students of the Faculty of Arts can belong to the following doctoral programmes that fall under the responsibility of other faculties (the doctoral school for each programme is indicated in brackets):