"I believe that being an exchange student is a must-have experience. Perhaps it may sound like a cliché, but it certainly blew my mind, opened completely. The curious eventuality of living and studying in a totally different place, and most of all, the fact of sharing the experience with other pilgrims from many parts of the world: being strangers and become friends in an unknown place", Diego Olivas Arana tells, describing his exchange experience at University of Helsinki.

Exchange time abroad can be an emotional rollercoaster as living in a different country and experiencing a new culture is sure to raise different kinds of difficulties. For Diego, it was the darkness during the winter time, as he couldn’t sleep or, on the other hand, couldn’t wake up. But as he points out well above, the experience is still worthwhile for the very same reason and that is partly why the time is usually remembered with the kind of warmth as Nadia Zullo does when she sums up her experience:

“I am beyond happy with my exchange year and I'm so sad it is over already. I would do it again one hundred times and I don't think there's something I'd do differently.” But what brings students from all over the world to Helsinki? Why should you come here? Maybe some of the last academic year’s exchange students can explain.