Faculty course catalogues

Course catalogues can be found on WebOodi and can be viewed without logging in.

  • Click on “Course catalogues” and select the appropriate faculty (open the faculty’s course catalogues by clicking the plus sign next to the faculty title).
  • Now you can see the course catalogues of the different departments.
  • When you select a department, you can see the course catalogues of the different (major) subjects.
  • Once you open the course catalogue of a particular major subject and then click open the drop-down menu at the top of the page of the course catalogue in question, you can see a list of course catalogues from previous years.
  • Degree requirements can be found under the “Structure of degree” tab.

Further information on teaching at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry can be found on the My Studies website.
You can also search for and view information on teaching on the Search for courses website without logging in. 

Courses in English for exchange students 2016-2017

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry offers the following courses in English for exchange students. Exchange students should use the information provided on these lists only when applying and filling in the Learning Agreement.

Department of Agricultural Sciences pdf
Department of Economics and Management pdf
Department of Food and Environmental Sciences pdf
Department of Forest Sciences pdf

Please note

  • Your learning agreement is a preliminary plan for your studies in Helsinki, but it is not a registration for any courses nor a guarantee that you are accepted to those courses.
  • Learning agreement will be checked and commented only after the faculty has received all application documents. Unfortunately we are not able to comment learning agreements during the application period.
  • As most of our courses in English are advanced level courses (MSc level), they might also have certain prerequisites, i.e. your previous studies need to provide relevant background for successful completion of the courses. The prerequisites are marked in the course description under “Preceding studies” or “Relations to other study units”. Kindly check the details in weboodi. You are responsible for checking the prerequisites.
  • We advise you to choose courses of your own field of study.
  • Some courses (especially practical courses and laboratory courses) have a limited number of places and in these cases the degree students of the faculty have the priority.
  • Changes to your learning agreement can be made throughout the academic year.
  • English language courses offered by the Language Services are not open for exchange students.
  • Tandem Language Courses (ALICE)  is popular among exchange students.
  • Faculty cannot guarantee that courses organized by other faculties are available for exchange students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.