Research groups of the Forest Sciences

Below are the introductions of the research groups that operate partly or wholly at the department of Forest Sciences in alphabetical order.


A Helsinki University based research group studying ecosystem processes mainly in boreal forests. Main questions concern the whole tree functioning in a changing environment and climate in multiple levels and the climate-related responses and effects of the whole forest ecosystem from the deep soil...


Quality, transdisciplinary research on sustainable business management, in the context of the forest sector and beyond.

Forest Health Group

Forest Pathology Research Lab
Our major research focus  is the application of biotechnology knowledge and tools for the determination of ecological, molecular and biochemical pathways required by emerging fungal and forest pathogens to infect and cause disease to trees worldwide as well as the basal mechanisms on how forest tree


International Forest Policy


Mixed Real­ity Hub (MRHUB)
Sales research by utilizing immersive visual technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality).


Laboratory of Forest Resources Management and Geo-information Science
Forest GIS Lab is one the leading research groups in forest mapping using laser scanning technologies and other 3D information sources. We contribute information in a wide range of applications in the field of natural resource management using point clouds.


VITRI provides academic training, implements research on forests and related natural resources in tropical and developing countries and undertakes assignments related to tropical forest management as well as environmental and forest policy.


Wetland Ecology Group
Our research vision is to study, manage and conserve wetland ecosystems. Our aim is to focus on species interactions in wetlands, and on the effect of ecosystem engineers on ecosystem structure and function.