The mission of the advisory board is to develop the operations of the Faculty as a whole by enhancing cooperation and the exchange of information between the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and key societal forces in its fields. Its purpose is to gain and promote a broad vision of the social significance, visibility and impact of the Faculty. The members of the advisory board raise discussion on current issues in their respective fields. Such discussion will form a basis for identifying synergy benefits and multidisciplinary and cross-departmental opportunities to develop the Faculty’s research, teaching and societal interaction as well as to form beneficial partnerships.

The dean has appointed (Decision No 14/2015, 16 February 2015) the current advisory board for a term ending on 31 December 2017.

Members of the advisory board

CEO Juha Gröhn of Atria Plc. was invited to serve as the chair of the advisory board.
As of spring 2016, the chair of the advisory board has been Dean Marketta Sipi.

The following persons were invited to serve as advisory board members:

Executive Director Tapio Hankala, The Union of Finnish Academic Foresters (UFAF)
Development Director Ilkka P. Laurila, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Executive director Timo Maasilta, Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry
Research Director Mikko Peltonen, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Chief Learning Officer Susanna Tauriainen, The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Executive Director Jyrki Wallin, The Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists

In addition, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is represented by the following persons:

Dean, professor Marketta Sipi 
Vice Dean, professor Jari Valkonen     
Vice Dean, university lecturer Janna Pietikäinen    
Head of the Department, professor Pekka Mäkinen, The Department of Economics and Management
Head of the Department, professor Helena Korpelainen, The Department of Agricultural Sciences
Head of the Department, professor Maija Tenkanen, The Department of Food and Environmental Sciences
Head of the Department, professor Pasi Puttonen, The Department of Forest Sciences
Head of the Department, professor Sami Kurki, Ruralia Institute
Student Anna Lilja     
Student Lauri Jyllilä