Graduation and degrees

When you have completed all the studies specified in the degree requirements of your major subject, you may graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry as a Bachelor or Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) or a Bachelor or Master of Food Sciences, depending on your studies. When you graduate, the Faculty will award you a degree diploma.

Degrees and titles at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Bachelor of Food Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Master of Food Sciences
  • Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Master of Science
  • Licentiate of Food Sciences
  • Licentiate of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Doctor of Food Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)

In order to graduate with the title of Bachelor or Master of Food Sciences in biotechnology, marketing or microbiology, students must complete either basic studies in food sciences (25 credits) or a minor subject module of 25 credits in one of the following: food chemistry, food technology or nutrition.

Titles of academic agronomist and academic forester

University education in agriculture and forestry in Finland spans back a hundred years. The first degrees were completed at the Faculty in 1910; the first person to graduate with the title of academic agronomist was Tatu Nissinen, and the first academic forester was Henrik Wrede. At the time, the University of Helsinki was known as the Imperial Alexander University of Finland, and teaching in these subjects was provided at the Section of Agricultural Economics. The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry was founded later, in 1924, as teaching in agriculture and forestry developed and became established.

Today, the title of academic agronomist or academic forester is awarded upon application to students who have completed the degree of Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) or attained equivalent knowledge and skills, as well as completed the degree of Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) in one of the eligible major subjects. The title will be included in the degree diploma.

The title of academic forester may be granted to major subject students in forestry.

The title of academic agronomist may be granted to major subject students in

  • Biotechnology (study tracks in plant and animal biotechnology)
  • Plant production biology, plant production sciences
  • Animal science
  • Soil science, environmental science
  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural and environmental technology (as of 1 August 2010, the discipline is known as agrotechnology)
  • Marketing
  • Environmental economics

When you wish to graduate as a Bachelor or Master, please follow the instructions below. Instructions for doctoral or Licentiate graduates (in Finnish only) can be found on the Faculty’s postgraduate education page.

  1. Verify that you are registered as an attending student at the University. You must be registered as an attending student to have your completed credits (including the Master’s thesis) entered in the Student Register. The degree diploma may also be awarded to students registered as non-attending students if all their required credits have been registered during the previous term in the Student Register.
  2. Verify that all your completed credits have been entered in the Student Register. Any missing or incorrect information must be rectified at the Viikki student services. Master’s theses are entered in the register the day after the relevant Faculty Council meeting.
  3. Verify that you have applied for the entry of the required study modules in the Student Register:

Bachelor’s degree

  • basic studies in the major subject
  • intermediate studies in the major subject
  • at least one minor subject module
  • other studies –study module

Master’s degree

  • advanced studies in the major subject
  • other studies –study module
  • for students accepted to the Master’s programme through a Master’s admission process, any supplementary study module(s)

The study module Other studies must include the studies in the degree requirements which are not included in Bachelor’s Degree in basic-, intermediate and minor subject studies. In Master’s Degree they are other studies in degree requirements which are not included in the advanced studies. In the Bachelor’s degree these studies include the personal study plan, ICT-driving license, language studies, general studies and optional studies. In the Master’s degree these studies include the personal study plan, general studies and optional studies.

For the registration of study module, please submit the study module form to be approved by the professor in charge of the module in question or the person to whom he/she has authorized. The professor in charge verifies that all required credits have been completed and submits the details to be registered. Other studies –study module must be submitted either to the professor in charge of the module in question, to the student adviser for the major subject or an education planning officer.

Verify that you have completed the minimum required number of credits (180 cr for a Bachelor’s degree and 120 cr for a Master’s degree).


4. When all the study modules are registered, please fill in the diploma application form and submit  it to Viikki Student Services.

Application for a Bachelor's degree diploma (in Finnish)

Application for a Master's degree diploma

NB! Bachelor’s graduates: The national student feedback survey Kandipalaute is a part of graduation. You must respond to the survey in order to receive the Bachelor’s degree diploma. The survey does not pertain to Master’s graduates.

When the student service has received the diploma application you will automatically receive an email with a link to the survey. You must respond to the survey in order to receive the degree diploma.

Sign the diploma application.

If you have got a decision for example exemption from completing studies in the second national language of Finland, send the decision of it.

5. Verify with your major subject the number of printed copies of your Master’s thesis (if any) and their distribution requirements. If you need printed copies, the department will pay for some of the printing costs.

Your date of graduation will be the date on which all documents needed for preparing the degree diploma arrive at Student Services. You may also choose a later weekday as the date of graduation.

You may choose either a Finnish- or Swedish-language diploma. In addition to the diploma, you will receive an English-language transcript of studies and a diploma supplement intended for international use. These enclosures are free of charge. If you need certified copies of your diploma, please indicate this on your diploma application form and pay for the copies in advance. Students graduating from an English-language Master’s programme will receive a copy of the degree diploma in both English and Finnish or Swedish free of charge.

The degree diploma will be prepared no later than four weeks after you submit the documents. Please note that delivery times may be longer in the summer time and during busy periods. If needed you can receive a temporary degree diploma for the waiting period.

Graduation in autumn term 2018

  • The autumn term ends 31.12.2018
  • The last Faculty Council meeting is on 11 December 2018
  • Thesis grade proposals need to be submitted by 27 November 2018

If you wish to graduate during the autumn term of 2018 kindly submit the application for the degree certificate to Viikki student services by the 18th of December. The graduation date will be the day the degree diploma application is submitted until 18.12.2018. If the application is submitted between 19.12-31.12.2018 the graduation date will be 2.1.2019.

Copies of the diploma cost 8 euros each.

Please use the following payment information:

Payee: University of Helsinki

Account and reference numbers:   

  • Nordea FI23 1660 3000 0777 20
  • Pohjola FI58 5000 0120 3778 32
  • Danske Bank FI83 8000 1000 0464 75

Ref:  80033  
The reference number is absolutely necessary.

If you are using a foreign payment service, use the following information:

Receiver: University of Helsinki
Bank: Nordea, Aleksis Kiven katu 3-5, FI-00020 Nordea, Finland
IBAN: FI2316603000077720
Swift code: NDEAFIHH

Translations: More information.

If You have graduated earlier and want to order copies and translations of  the degree diploma see instructions here.

New graduates, celebrate your success!

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry organises an annual graduation ceremony for all graduates from the current and previous terms. Invitations will be enclosed with the degree diploma or emailed to graduates approximately one month before the ceremony. Please make sure to update your email address when submitting your diploma application in order for the invitation to reach you even if you have already graduated. The graduates’ family and friends are also welcome to attend (however, the number of participants is limited to three guests per graduate). Teachers from the graduates’ home departments are also invited.

The ceremony includes greetings from the dean, speeches from the guest of honour and a new graduate, as well as musical performances. Sparkling wine will be served. All graduates will also receive flowers.

The next graduation ceremony will be organized 12th April 2019 at 14 o’clock. Please register to the ceremony by filling in the electric form.

Ceremonial conferment of Master’s and doctoral degrees

The conferment ceremony is the celebration of the end of your academic studies, where the Conferrer will place a laurel wreath on the heads of Master’s graduates and present a doctoral hat and sword to doctoral graduates. Graduates will also receive a certificate of participation. In addition, Jubilee Masters and Jubilee Doctors will also be conferred in the ceremony; these are people who have graduated from the Faculty fifty years ago. Honorary doctorates will be conferred to selected scholars and other dignitaries with particular merits in fields represented at the Faculty.

The conferment ceremony, which lasts three days and is held every six years, brings all graduates from the Faculty together to celebrate. A conferment ceremony at the University of Helsinki is a particularly spectacular academic celebration, possibly one of a kind in the world!

The previous conferment ceremony of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry was held in 2014.

The alumni network

We hope that you maintain contact with the Faculty and your department even after graduation.

By registering with the University’s Campus Alumni network, you will receive a newsletter about current events and research at the University four times a year. The network already includes hundreds of Faculty graduates.

Career Services offers career training and guidance also for alumni and recent graduates.

Congratulations on your graduation!