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The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is a great place to study for everyone interested in the responsible use of renewable resources both in Finland and globally.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry offers the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Food Sciences or Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Master of Food Sciences or Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Licentiate of Food Sciences or Licentiate of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Doctor of Food Sciences or Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)

The Bachelor’s degree is a first-cycle and the Master’s degree a second-cycle academic degree. Licentiate and doctoral degrees are postgraduate research degrees (third-cycle academic degrees).

The application period for foreign-language and multilingual international Master’s programmes starts at the beginning of December and ends in January.

Applications for Finnish- and Swedish-language Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are accepted through the national joint application procedure in the spring. A list of available programmes and instructions for applicants can be found on the website.

If you have questions about University admissions, please contact University of Helsinki Admission Services. 

Applicants accepted through the national joint application procedure will be granted the right to pursue both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, with the exception of applicants who applied to a Master’s programme, who will be granted the right to pursue a Master’s degree.

Students will be admitted to one of the degree programmes. Degree programmes provide students with versatile knowledge and skills and plenty of options for customising their degrees.

You can also search for and view detailed information on the teaching offered at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry using the course information search service.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry offers the following doctoral degrees: Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry), Doctor of Food Sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy.

Prospective postgraduate students

All Finnish universities are parties to the Flexible Study Right (JOO) Agreement that enables undergraduate and postgraduate students to include studies completed at other Finnish universities in their degrees free of charge. Students must register as attending students at their home university to apply for the flexible study right and to complete studies at another university.

The flexible study right scheme aims to expand the course selection of the students’ home university, to increase study options and to support the smooth progress of studies. For students, the flexible study right scheme provides an opportunity to include in their degrees relevant studies taught by other universities as well as to make use of experts and specialist fields of other universities.

Persons not enrolled as undergraduate or postgraduate degree students at the University of Helsinki may be granted a right to complete non-degree studies. This right may be granted to enhance the applicant’s professional or academic expertise or to incorporate the studies in question in a degree completed at another educational institution.

Supplementary studies (i.e., studies that supplement a degree completed at the University of Helsinki) also count as non-degree studies.

NB! As a rule, students at universities and higher education institutes that are parties to the Flexible Study Right Agreement should apply for the right to study using the Flexible Study Right (JOO) application form.

Prin­ciples for non-de­gree study rights at the Fac­ulty of Ag­ri­cul­ture and Forestry

Issues to be taken into account when considering applications for the right to complete non-degree studies include the relevant department’s teaching resources, the applicant’s prior studies and the grounds given by the applicant. The right to complete non-degree studies does not give the applicant the right to pursue degree studies at the Faculty, and non-degree students do not enjoy the same rights and benefits as degree students. The right to complete non-degree studies only covers the studies for which the right has specifically been granted. The right to study is granted for a maximum of two years.

Eligible applicants for the right to complete non-degree studies include

  • Persons wishing to incorporate the studies in a degree pursued at another educational institution
  • Persons wishing to supplement a prior academic or vocational degree
  • Professionals wishing to upgrade their expertise
  • Open University students who are unable to study the subjects in question to a sufficient extent elsewhere
  • Other persons deemed eligible by the Faculty

Ad­mis­sions pro­ced­ure for non-de­gree stud­ies

Applicants should apply for the right to complete non-degree studies using an electronic form.  Applications will be processed twice per term.

  • In spring term the period for applying is 1. - 30.4.2018
  • In autumn term the period for applying is 1. - 31.10.2018

Fees for non-de­gree stud­ies

Non-degree studies are subject to a fee. The fee covers teaching arrangements, materials and related services, not teaching and examinations. The fee must be paid before the beginning of studies.

Fees for non-degree studies from 1 August 2015:
15 euros per credit (Dean’s decision 36/2015 on fees and remunerations at the Faculty)
The invoice will be sent to the student upon admission.

Fur­ther in­form­a­tion about teach­ing avail­able at the Fac­ulty

Further information on available courses can be found, e.g., in the Faculty’s course catalogue. Up-to-date information can be found on WebOodi, where you can search for course information with, e.g., the course title, abbreviation or five-digit registration code. You can also browse and view information on courses taught at the Faculty using the University’s course search service. Both WebOodi and the search service can be accessed without a university username or password.

Other study options, i.e. Open University