CancerBio Progress Report seminar series
CancerBio Progress Report seminar series

This is a joint seminar series for two research programs, ATG and CAN-PRO. The seminars are held on Friday mornings starting with coffee, tea and cookies at 9:15 am. The presentations start at 9:30 am. We have two presentations per seminar.

Please see information for the speakers and contact info below the program.

Program autumn 2022

30.9.2022, Seminar room 1-2

11.11.2022, Meeting room 8-9

25.11.2022, Seminar room 3

2.12.2022, Seminar room 3

Program spring 2022

6.5.2022, Seminar room 1-2

Maare Arffman (Leppä group)

"Inflamed serum protein profile associates with circulating tumor DNA levels and poor outcome in patients with high-risk large B-cell lymphoma"

Sanni Alve (Ojala group)

"Wnt5b is a novel mediator of pro-metastatic melanoma crosstalk with lymphatic endothelial cells"

20.5.2022, Seminar room 1-2

Prima Sanjaya (Pitkänen group)

"Mutation-Attention (MuAt): deep representation learning of somatic mutations for tumour typing and subtyping”

Emma Viitala (Ollila group)

”scRNAseq data mining and ex vivo methods to map intestinal stromal-epithelial interactions in health and disease”

3.6.2022, Seminar room 1-2

Marika Lassila (Alitalo group)

“The function of Tcf1 (Tcf7) in intestinal adenoma development”

Päivi Sulo (Aaltonen group)

"Genome wide annotation of transposable elements from Nanopore data”

17.6.2022, Seminar room 1-2

Liangru Fei (Sahu group)

"Control of pancreatic cell fate by defined transcription factors''

Inam Liaqat (Vaahtomeri group)

"Guidance of antigen-presenting dendritic cells across lymphatic endothelium"

Information for the speakers

Please plan your talk to last for 20 minutes, including at least a 5 minutes long introduction. After the presentation, there will be 10 minutes for discussion. Please bring your presentation on a USB device.

Credits for students

1 ECTS (10 attended seminars) + 1 ECTS from own presentation.
Note! You do not need to attend seminars within one year. In order to get the credits from your own presentation, you need to attend 10 seminars.

Contact details

Contact persons for the spring period are Petri Mäkelä (ATG) and Saija Piiroinen (CAN-PRO).