VEIL.AI joins iCAN for opportunities in health data anonymization

The sensitive health data startup VEIL.AI joins the iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine competence cluster to find opportunities in anonymizing complex cancer patient data. The membership agreement to the iCAN offers an opportunity to participate in vibrant community of researchers and innovators from University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Hospital HUS, and other companies as well as patient representatives to make discoveries and improved treatment at the interface of molecular and digital health data.

The iCAN club membership enables not only a platform for interacting but also an opportunity for developing areas of mutual interest potentially leading to in-depth partnerships. Indeed, a concrete project to use novel anonymization techniques in secondary use of healthcare data from more than one health care provider is already in development.

VEIL.AI is a spin-out from Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM and is specialized in anonymization services and synthetic data. VEIL.AI technologies and services help to utilize sensitive health data for research, innovation and development to support new discoveries, patient treatment and better decision making in healthcare. VEIL.AI is committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals while maintaining data richness and maximum utility.

“We are thrilled to join the iCAN community”, says CEO Tuomo Pentikäinen. “The iCAN club offers a great venue to envision new ways to utilize sensitive health data. iCAN also offers us R&D opportunities to develop and showcase the potential of advanced data anonymization technologies.” Pentikäinen notes that Finland is currently building the structures and policies on how to balance the utility of health data with the protection of individual privacy. “These two extremely important aims can be combined with new technologies. iCAN offers a cutting-edge environment to explore and evaluate the choices and opportunities we have in Finland”, he says.

“iCAN’s strength lies in integrating molecular and digital health data with the patient in the focus. iCAN provides a lot of opportunities for our private partners for discoveries and developing solutions in the digital health, diagnostic, and therapeutic space. It is great to have VEIL.AI join the iCAN Club to develop our joint interests. The goal of the Finnish R&D flagships is to provide impact through increased public-private partnerships, and for iCAN we hope this to include both large flagship partnerships with larger companies as well as co-creation with startups and SMEs” notes iCAN Executive Officer Tomi Mäkelä.


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