The Anniversary Day of the Faculty of Medicine 26.1.2022
The Anniversary Day of the Faculty of Medicine will be celebrated in January 2022!

You are warmly welcome to the 2022 Anniversary day of the Faculty of Medicine.

We will celebrate the day in a health safe way, online. We invite faculty members, alumni, partners, and stakeholder representatives of the Faculty of Medicine to hear about current activities and research of the Faculty.


Morning of young researchers 8.15-10.00 / Zoom

Please notice. The event takes place mostly in Finnish. Our second speaker of the day takes the virtual stage in English. 

Lotta Oksanen, Licentiate in medicine and Enni Sanmark, Licentiate in medicine, Doctor - Virusten ilmavarainen leviäminen – mitä tiedämme ja mikä on aerosolia tuottavien toimenpiteiden rooli

Simon Pfisterer, PhD, Group Leader, Academy of Finland Research Fellow - Functional profiling of human patient samples and genetic variants in hypercholesterolemia

Christian Hakulinen, PsT, Dos., University Lecturer the Department of Psychology and Logopedics - Sosiaaliset suhteet ja terveys

Satu Strausz, PhD in Oral Sciences, Dentist, Bachelor of Social Sciences - Genetic analysis of obstructive sleep apnoea and its associations to cardiometabolic diseases and COVID-19

Suvi Vehkavuori, Speech therapist, PhD - Varhaisen sanaston hallinnalla on merkitystä myöhemmälle kielitaidolle

Afternoon event 14-16 / Zoom

Welcome words, Vice-dean Kari Reijula

Achievements of the year, Dean Risto Renkonen

Thanking Dean Risto Renkonen

Dean Anne Remes and presentation of the new management of the Faculty of Medicine

Alumnus/ Alumnae of the Year 2022

Remembering the faculty for professors who retired in 2021

CEO of HUS Matti Bergendahl 

Closing words, Vice-dean Kari Reijula


Changes for the program are possible.