The Anniversary Day of the Faculty of Medicine 25.1.2023

The Anniversary Day of the Faculty of Medicine will be celebrated in January 2023!

You are warmly welcome to the 2023 Anniversary day of the Faculty of Medicine.

We invite faculty members, alumni, partners, and stakeholder representatives of the Faculty of Medicine to hear about current activities and research of the Faculty.


Please notice. The events takes place mostly in Finnish. 

Morning of young researchers 8.30-10.00

Katri Korpela, University Researcher, Development and health effects of the gut microbiota in children

Anniina Färkkilä, MD PhD, Adjunct Professor in Translational Gynecologic Oncology,Precision oncology for ovarian cancer

Christian Hakulinen, University Researcher, The impact of mental disorders on social networks 

Sofia Holmqvist-Jämsén, University lecturer in Logopedics, PhD, Speech Language Pathologist, The role of stress in vocal symptoms - A biologically informed perspective

Associationen mellan stress och röstsymptom - biologiska stressmarkörer och stressrelaterade genetiska riskfaktorer (in Swedish)

Hanna Lähteenmäki, Dental hygienist, (Master's Degree Programme in Health Sciences), PhD, (oral sciences), Oral fluid diagnosis on periodontitis and peri-implantitis and new Finnish innovations for home-care

Emmi Helle, MD, PhD, MSc. (Econ), Maternal health and congenital heart defects - video greetings

Researchers will introduce themselves and talk about their research at the Terkko Health Hub. You are warmly invited to hear them and enjoy a morning coffee. 

Afternoon event 14-16

Welcome words, Vice-dean Kari Reijula

Dean's speech, Dean Anne Remes

Current themes in social and community well-being - a discussion on common health. Professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen, Chair of the Student Welfare Working Group Merimaija Kasanen and Professor of Occupational Health, Vice Dean Kari Reijula.

Introduction to the language workshop as an example of social responsibility and multidisciplinary cooperation. Presented by Katriina Eronen, Clinical Nurse Educator at Helsinki University Hospital, Heart and Lung Center and Johanna Komppa, Senior University Lecturer in Finnish Language, PhD.

Remembering the faculty professors who retired in 2022

Alumnus/ Alumnae of the Year 2023

Closing words, Vice-dean Kari Reijula


A moment together. Music and refreshments 16-18


Changes for the program are possible.