Target group

The Specialisation Programme in Clinical Mental Health Psychology is targeted at people who have a master’s degree in psychology or a corresponding degree (a licence awarded by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira) and who are active in positions associated with clinical mental health psychology in, for example, specialised care or primary healthcare.

Your job description entails duties in the field of psychiatry or mental health relating to, for example, prevention, assessment, consultation, training or interventions. You also wish to develop yourself as a specialist in clinical mental health psychology.

The training is aimed at providing you with the skills needed in demanding expert positions in the field of clinical mental health psychology, both in your work community as well as the different levels of the healthcare system and society. The programme provides you with skills to develop, analyse, assess and apply professional practices in clinical mental health psychology on the basis of research evidence.

The programme provides a qualification pursuant to section 7 c of the Universities Act (558/2009) and section 7 a of the amendment of the Universities Act (1172/2014) and the Government Decree on University Degrees and Professional Specialisation Programmes (1439/2014) for serving in demanding specialist positions in the specialist field of clinical mental health psychology. The training is counted towards the degree pursued in doctoral education.