Programme content

The content of the Specialisation Programme in Clinical Mental Health Psychology and its development are guided by the mission, vision and motto set for the programme.

Mission: Skilled and competent specialists in psychology enthusiastic about their work who provide and develop high-quality mental health services.

Vision: Promotion of mental health and prevention through expertise.

Motto: Mental health expertise, development and the service system.

Learning outcomes


The key learning outcome is the development of the integration of science and professional tasks as well as the development of professional expertise in your work

After completing the Specialisation Programme in Clinical Mental Health Psychology, you will

Identity and role
  • Understand and situate your personal expertise in clinical mental health psychology
  • Be familiar with the mental health service system and the service needs of central customer groups, in addition to which you will be able to situate your expertise in clinical mental health psychology as part of the service system and your work community
Knowledge and skills

Be proficient in the key practices, theories and concepts of clinical mental health psychology, as well as able to integrate them into your work in a way that benefits your customers/patients and your work community

  • Be familiar with the most important research methods in clinical psychology and some of the most essential types of brief interventions
  • Be able to write expert statements needed in customer service and communicate research findings associated with psychological research both orally and in writing, taking the needs of the customer and multiprofessional team into consideration
  • Be familiar with the principles of the planning, implementation and monitoring of rehabilitation
  • Be familiar with related fields, including key theory formation in psychiatry, the psychological factors underlying psychiatric diagnostics, psychiatric diseases and symptoms, and the fundamentals of psychiatric disorders in terms of developmental psychology and biology, as well as be able to plan and implement care and rehabilitation on their basis
Research and development
  • Be able to better perceive the principles of conducting scientific research, understand research designs and examine special questions of methodology and ethics pertaining to research
  • Be able to apply, in your work, research-based knowledge, critically assess literature and develop both your work community and your personal modes of operation
  • Be able to consult with other psychologists and other professional groups. Through multiprofessional cooperation, you will also be able to effortlessly demonstrate your personal special expertise by means of scientific argumentation.
Structure and Implementation of education

The Specialisation Programme in Clinical Mental Health Psychology (70 cr) is carried out over three years as blended learning, including seminars lasting one to two days and separately supervised professional practice (a total of roughly 32 seminar days during the three-year programme).

The courses are divided into field-specific studies, methodology studies and a final paper as well as supervised professional practice.

Specialisation Programme in Clinical Mental Health Psychology (70 cr)


  • Expertise in content, development, and reflection (46 cr)
    • The service needs and treatment chains of mental disorders, and the psychologist’s developing professional role (6 cr)
    • The psychologist’s tools: assessment, consultation and psychological interventions (18 cr)
    • Psychological expertise in mental disorders (20 cr)
    • The specialized psychologist as an expert (2 cr)
  • Methodological studies and supervision in clinical mental health psychology (14 cr)
  • Final paper (10 cr)

Detailed programme content is available in the course catalogue for 2022–2025 (pdf file in Finnish only)


  • Field-specific studies (46 cr)
    • Service Needs and Systems Associated with Mental Disorders and the Psychologist’s Developing Professional Approach (6 cr)
    • Assessment, Consultation and Intervention in Mental Health Psychology in the Context of Developmental Psychology (6 cr)
    • Assessment of Psychological Functions in Mental Health Psychology and Related Consultation (8 cr)
    • Psychological expertise in mental disorders (24 cr)
    • Specialist Psychologist as an Expert (2 cr)
  • Methodology studies and supervised professional practice (14 cr)
  • Final Paper (10 cr)

Detailed programme content is available in the course catalogue for 20192022 (pdf file in Finnish only)