The Silences of International Courts

How do international courts adjudicate?

What kind of informal practices affect their work? What kind of issues do international courts remain silent about? Do courts have secrets?

These questions and many others will be discussed by two former Finnish judges at two different international courts. Allan Rosas served as a judge in the European Court of Justice in 2002–2019. Erkki Kourula served as a judge in the International Criminal Court in 2003-2015. Their experiences and personal histories will help to read judgments and explain why courts litigate in a certain manner.

Due to the ongoing situation, the event will be rescheduled. A new time and venue will be announced in due time.

Programme of the workshop:

  • Welcome by Jan Klabbers
  • Does the CJEU have secrets?
    Lecture by Allan Rosas, followed by discussion with Päivi Leino-Sandberg
  • What challenges does the ICC face?
    Erkki Kourula with Immi Tallgren
  • Q&A

The event is aimed at the ‘projekti’- students in international law, public European law, constitutional law and criminal law, but is open for all. No prior registration is needed.

Please note that the venue is partly non-accessible. If you need special arrangements, please contact