The Law of the Economic and Monetary Union: Complementing, Adapting or Transforming the EU legal order?

We are delighted to announce that the Institute of International Economic Law and the Erik Castrén Institute are organising a workshop on 'The Law of the Economic and Monetary Union: Complementing, Adapting or Transforming the EU legal order?' on 27th and 28th May 2019.

The financial and sovereign debt crises forced the European Union to adopt a series of measures to avoid the extremely damaging consequences of unprecedented economic challenges. Aware of this development, lawyers have engaged on the doctrinal analysis of the plethora of EU legal acts and international treaties adopted. Legal debates have primarily revolved around their validity according to primary EU law, discussing from a constitutional theory viewpoint to what extent they constitute a rupture with, a departure from, or a continuation with the pre-crisis EMU rules. The aim of this workshop is to go beyond those discussions and to explore, whatever the constitutional status of the new measures is, what are the implications (if there are) of the post-crisis EU macroeconomic law for the EU legal order. In other words, the objective is to determine to what extent the post-crisis EU macroeconomic law has affected the EU legal order by establishing new priorities, principles or mechanisms alien to pre-crisis European integration.

The list of confirmed participants includes David Baez Seara (European Central Bank), Merijn Chamon (Ghent University), Diane Fromage (University of Maastricht), Katri Havu (University of Helsinki), Teemu Juutilainen (University of Helsinki), Gianni Lo Schiavo (European Central Bank), Fernando Losada (University of Helsinki), Allan Rosas (European Court of Justice), Miquel Sampol Pucurull (Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Legal advice and litigation at ECJ), Klaus Tuori (University of Turku), Tomi Tuominen (University of Lapland) and Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel (University of Liège).

The workship will take place in Konsistorin Sali in the University Main Building on Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki.