Committee of 100 Peace Prize awarded to Jarna Petman

The Committee of 100 has awarded its annual peace prize to one of ECI’s founding members and former deputy director Jarna Petman in recognition of her longstanding and impressive research work.

The Committee emphasises the importance of international law as a foundation and prerequisite for peace particularly in the contemporary hostile climate. The award seeks to highlight the high-level international research conducted in Finland and researchers willingness to engage in the public debate and offer their valuable expertise to decision making organs.

In this context, Jarna Petman has excelled with her work on the legal frameworks of arms control and disarmament. She has researched and participated in dialogues on lethal autonomous weapons, nuclear weapons and arms trade.

As a member of the International Commission of Jurists, Jarna Petman has actively promoted the development of rule of law and human rights – especially women’s rights – among others in the MENA region. She has served on various domestic and international boards of academic associations in international law, international studies and law & literature, and was member of the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe (2009-2013).

The chairperson of the Committee of 100 presented Jarna Petman with the Award on 6 December 2018.

The Committee of 100-peace prize has been awarded yearly since 1978. Former recipients include President Tarja Halonen, the Finnish EAPPI-programme and the Radinet-project.

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