Challenging the European institutions on transparency

The ‘Transparency in the EU – From Reaction to Manifesto’ (TrUE) project group, funded by the Academy of Finland, is organising a webinar on
'Challenging the European institutions on transparency: Analysing Leino-Sandberg v Parliament and two Ombudsman complaints' on 18 February 2021 at 3 - 4.30 pm.

In this interactive webinar, researchers from the TrUE research project will reflect on their recent challenges against decisions by the European institutions to withhold access to documents relevant to their research: CJEU case C-761/18P Leino-Sandberg v Parliament, and Ombudsman cases 195/2017/JAP Wyatt v Commission and 787/2020/DL / 763/2020/DL Hillebrandt v Commission.

What role do academics have in challenging restrictive interpretations of transparency rights? And do such activities come under the paradigm of ‘action research’?

15:00 Introduction

15:10 Benjamin Bodson (University of Louvain – UCLouvain)
Discussion of the recent Leino-Sandberg v Parliament case

15:25 Maarten Hillebrandt (University of Helsinki)
Accessing administrative decisions: complaints based on system considerations and comparison

15:35 Päivi Leino-Sandberg (University of Helsinki)
Concealed legal advice: seeking redress via the Ombudsman 
Reflection: academic court litigation as action research?

16:00 Floor open for questions and comments