Book launch: 'The Transparency Paradox' by Ida Koivisto on 12 December 2022

Welcome to the book launch of 'The Transparency Paradox' by Ida Koivisto taking place on Monday, 12 December 2022 at 4 pm (Helsinki, UTC+2) in P673 Porthania and via Zoom.


Commentaries by 

Robert Howse, the Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law at NUY School of Law

Jane Reichel, Professor in Administrative Law, Director of the Public Law Group and Deputy Head of the Department of Law at Stockholm University

Deirdre Curtin, the Director of the Centre for Judicial Cooperation at the Robert Schuman Centre, EUI.


The event will be chaired by Jan Klabbers, Professor of International Law at University of Helsinki.

Kindly register your attendance via e-form by the 11th of December. The Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants.

Book Description

Transparency has become a new norm. States, international organizations, and even private businesses have sought to bolster their legitimacy by invoking transparency in their activities.

This growth in popularity was made possible through two interconnected trends: the idea that transparency is inherently good, and that the actual meaning of the term is becoming harder and harder to pin down. Thus far, this has remained undertheorized.

The Transparency Paradox is an insightful account of the hidden logic of the ideal of transparency and its legal manifestations. It shows how transparency is a covertly conflicted ideal. The book argues that counter to popular understanding, truth and legitimacy cannot but form a problematic trade-off in transparency practices.

The book is available at the OUP website. A 30% discount code ALAUTHC4 can be entered at checkout.