Book launch: The Dawn of a Discipline - International Criminal Justice and Its Early Exponents

Welcome to the book launch of 'The Dawn of a Discipline – International Criminal Justice and Its Early Exponents' (CUP, 2020) edited by Fréderic Mégret and Immi Tallgren on Monday, 26 April 2021, at 4-6 pm.

Focusing principally on the inter-war years up to Nuremberg, this book examines the intellectual contribution of a dozen figures in the early phase and development of international criminal justice. It provides an in-depth study of these leading figures, whilst critically contextualizing international criminal justice in this earlier intellectual ferment. The event will bring together the contributors of the book who will assess the current relevance of their respective early figures. Professors Gerry Simpson of the London School of Economics and W.L. Cheah of the National University of Singapore will act as commentators.

Please register for this event via the following e-form the latest on 26 April at noon.


About the book: 

The history of international criminal justice is often recounted as a series of institutional innovations. But international criminal justice is also the product of intellectual developments made in its infancy. This book examines the contributions of a dozen key figures in the early phase of international criminal justice, focusing principally on the inter-war years up to Nuremberg. Where did these figures come from, what did they have in common, and what is left of their legacy? What did they leave out? How was international criminal justice framed by the concerns of their epoch and what intuitions have passed the test of time? What does it mean to reimagine international criminal justice as emanating from individual intellectual narratives? In interrogating this past in all its complexity one does not only do justice to it; one can recover a sense of the manifold trajectories that international criminal justice could have taken.

The book is now available for order on the CUP website.